Time to get sewing!

Welcome to Lanteri designs.

I'm Julie Lanteri and I spend most of my spare time making something or thinking about my next project.

It all started when I realised that shopping wasn't as fun as it was meant to be. The item was not the right colour, was the right colour but didn't fit or fitted right but I didn't like the details... You're thinking "fussy", I say "if you're not happy, make it yourself"! I started with easy projects, using patterns and later on I decideded to learn patternmaking so I could create my own.

All you need is practice and time. Believe me, after your first garment, you'll be hooked and will never be able to shop as you did before. Without even realising it, you'll start thinking "I could make that, and for half the price!". Time to start looking for that old sewing machine sitting in a corner somewhere...

Here are my latest projects. Feel free to leave a comment or email at [email protected]. (Please note comments will be moderated)

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credits photo banner: A-L Rose


First snow

Pattern: I heart cables, Ravelry

The cutest thing I've ever knitted!
I only changed the flaps into 2x2 rib


Owlie hat

Pattern: Owlie hat, Ravelry

More baby booties...

information on pattern and modifications here


Pinky Booties for Danielle's baby girl

Pattern: Saartje's Bootees, Ravelry (modified)
DK yarn, 3mm needles, smallest size

I followed the pattern up to row 24, then I realised all the ends I’d have to weave in so I decided to change it slightly…
-Break off the yarn after row 24, leaving a long tail.
-Carefully take all the stitches off the needles and place them on stitch holders.
-Sew up the seam (back and sole) with the tail. Weave in CO tail at that point too.
-row 25: put the 20st back onto your needles. With long tail cast on (leave long tail), CO 10st, k1 with both tail and working yarn; then k1 with working yarn, K1 with tail until you get to the last stitch: k1 with both tail and working yarn; CO 10.
-row 26-27: k
-row 28: BO
I’ll definitely be making more, they’re so cute!


Special Birthday Swallowtail

pattern: Swallowtail Shawl, Ravelry, 19 bud pattern repeats
yarn: 70% alpaca 30% silk, laceweight, custom dyed
3mm needles
rocaille beads

I started this shawl several times but I finally got it right! I made it for my grandma's 80th birthday.


Lemon Leaves

pattern: modified lehmus-huivi, on Ravelry.
yarn: lace weight cone, 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. not the best for blocking...


Summer skirt

another item from the past...
Lanteri pattern, fully lined skirt with yoke



Coat from the past

modified Talea pattern, Burdastyle.